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Canopy of Medicinal Cannabis

  1. Canopy of Medicinal Cannabis
  2. Cannabis Seedling

About CAN! Research

Innovates and implements protocol for the scientific research of Cannabis, teaches, and consults businesses & individuals on a broad range of Cannabis-related topics

CAN! Research Department

Innovating and implementing phytocannabinoid research protocol

  • Specializing in the horticultural research of Cannabis spp.
  • Breeding cannabis for medical efficacy, Pacific Northwest environmental conditions, and pathogen resistance
  • Designing research protocol for the goals of individual clients (patients, horticulturists, businesses)
  • Opportunities for patients and horticulturists to participate in non-clinical research
  • Laboratory Analysis Services for Cannabinoid potency, Terpene concentration, Pesticides, and Molds
  • Collaborations with medical researchers

CAN! Education Department

Teaching the science and practical knowledge of cannabis

CAN! Consulting Department

Serving Cannabis Industries with Expertise in Business, Science and Public Policy

Services include:

  • Preparation for Medical & Adult-Use License Applications for:
    • Producers (Growers)
    • Processors
    • Wholesalers
    • Retailers & Dispensaries
  • MMF Compliance Assessment
  • Production Facility Design
  • Staff Training & Education
  • Business Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs & P&Ps)
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control