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Canopy of Medicinal Cannabis

  1. Canopy of Medicinal Cannabis
  2. Cannabis Seedling

About CAN! Research

Teaches and advises businesses & individuals on Cannabis horticultural production, research, and industry leadership

CAN! Research Department

Innovating and implementing phytocannabinoid research protocol

  • Specializing in the horticultural research of Cannabis spp.
  • Breeding high-THC, high-CBD & Auto-flowering Cannabis cultivars for sun-grown temperate, tropical & sub-tropical climates
  • Designing research protocol for the goals of individual clients (patients, horticulturists, businesses)

CAN! Education Department

Teaching the science and practical knowledge of cannabis

  • Offering classes, courses, workshops and presentations on cannabis horticultural science and a wide range of important topics for to cannabis industries, patients, health professionals, caregivers, and horticulturists.
  • See our list of CAN! Education presentation topics HERE
  • Take cannabis horticultural science classes, courses, and watch free presentations HERE

CAN! Consulting Department

Advising Cannabis businesses with Expertise in Horticultural Science of Cannabis

Services include:

  • Production Facility Design - specializing in sustainable, cost efficient, and sun-grown systems, featuring our original Semi-Passive Greenhouse system
  • Helping international cannabis companies design optimal cultivation systems for most any climate on Earth and adapt high-quality cultivars to new environments
  • Staff Training & Education - in-person or using our online platform
  • Business Planning
  • Court-Qualified Expert Witness Services