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CAN! Consulting Department

Advising Cannabis businesses with Expertise in Horticultural Science of Cannabis

Offering On-Line Video Consulting!

Consulting Services

  • Production Facility Design - specializing in sustainable, cost efficient, and sun-grown systems, featuring our original Semi-Passive Greenhouse system
  • Helping international cannabis companies design optimal cultivation systems for most any climate on Earth and adapt high-quality cultivars to new environments
  • Staff Training & Education - in-person or using our online platform 
  • Business Planning
  • Court-Qualified Expert Witness Services (see below)

Areas of expertise:

  • Science-Based Cannabis Horticultural Production, Research, Breeding & Sustainable Practices
  • CAN!'s Original Semi-Passive Greenhouse System
  • Cannabis Cultivation in Colombia
  • Horticultural Integration with Processing, Culinary, and Agricultural Sectors & Ancillary Businesses
  • Legislative & Administrative Policy Advising
  • Hempseed Food Processing, Cooking & Nutrition
  • All presentation topics in the CAN! Education Department

Court-Qualified Expert Witness Services

  • Qualified in State & Federal Courts
  • Evidence review, evidence reports, consulting, other pre-trial work, and testimony at trials & hearings for civil and criminal cases.
  • Common topics include:
    • Definitions of 'marijuana plant', 'usable marijuana', and 'hashish'
    • Crop Valuation
    • Horticultural practices
    • Processing & storage techniques
    • Production costs
    • Medical cannabis program administration

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