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Licensed Cannabis Facility Compliance Assessment

     The Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program compliance officers are required to conduct on-site inspections of licensed Medical Marijuana Facilities (MMFs) within six months of first receiving their license, then at least once per year thereafter.  Be sure your facility is prepared for your inspection by having CAN! Consulting’s OMMDP compliance expert conduct a thorough assessment of your facility for compliance with Oregon’s dispensary rules.
      Our MMF Compliance Assessment takes up to three hours to check your facility’s compliance using our 150+ point compliance checklist that covers every MMF regulation under OAR 333-008-1000 to -1290.  Within three days you receive a written report of your compliance status, including all items that require corrective action.  Includes review of: recordkeeping system, security plan, testing, equipment, policies & procedures, employee training, labeling, and other MMF requirements.
      Assessments are conducted by Todd Dalotto, an OMMDP Rules Advisory Committee member who played a substantial role in advising the Oregon Health Authority on the drafting of the rules and subsequent amendments.  This third-party assessment is held strictly confidential for your internal purposes.

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