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CAN! Education Department

Classes, presentations, courses, individual instruction and consulting are available for each following topic. Each is customizable for your needs. Contact us to schedule one at your location or ours!

To arrange classes, presentations, courses, and consulting, contact the education department at education@CanResearch.net

CAN! Education Topics:


  • Intro to OMMA

An overview of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.  Adaptable for patients, health professionals and businesses

  • Advanced OMMA

Various important and timely topics of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, including: Legislative Update, OMMP Administrative Update, Patient-Caregiver-Grower Relationships, Cannabis Science, Know Your Rights and more.

  • Legislative History of OMMA

Learn the history of how the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act was born and its evolution to the law it is today.

  • OMMP Patient - Caregiver - Grower Relationships

Understanding these complicated relationships and learning the legal and ethical responsibilities of these roles is essential for a safe and satisfying relationship.


  • Outdoor Medical Cannabis Gardening

Expert guidance on everything from cultivar selection and site planning through to harvest, processing & storage.  Offered as: overview, 9-month course, or individual coaching. 

  • The Botany & Horticulture of Cannabis

A biological and horticultural study of the genus Cannabis spp..  Includes: plant origin, taxonomy, morphology, physiology, evolution, ethnobotany, cultural practices, nutritional requirements, growing environments, and more.

  • Cannabis Mold & Contaminants: Prevention, Detection & Remedy

An ounce of prevention leads to a pound of cure!

  • Cannabis Garden Safety

Learn how to keep your garden safe from thieves, police, disease, pests, and ourselves

  • Matching Cannabis Cultivars to Medical Conditions

Learn how different cannabis cultivars have unique cannabinoid profiles and the latest research in cannabinoid indications.


  • Smokeless Medication Techniques

Learn about vaporizers, edibles, extracts, and other smokeless cannabis delivery methods

  • Cooking with Cannabis

Compliment the nutritional properties of hempseed with the medicinal properties of marijuana.


  • Cannabis Hempseed: For Personal and Planetary Health

Explore the nutritional properties of hempseed and how hempseed agriculture and industry can contribute to global sustainability.

  • Hempseed Nutrition

An in-depth exploration into the nutritional value and health benefits of hempseed.

  • Hemp Food Crafting

Offered either as a single overview presentation or as a six session course.  From the classroom to the kitchen learn the historical, nutritional, medicinal, and culinary aspects of hemp foods from Todd Dalotto, author of The Hemp Cookbook: From Seed to Shining Seed, and founder of Hungry Bear Hemp Foods.

To arrange classes, presentations, courses, and consulting, contact the education department at education@CanResearch.net