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Classes, presentations, courses, individual instruction and consulting are available for each following topic. Each is customizable for your needs. Contact us to schedule one at your location or ours!

To arrange classes, presentations, courses, and consulting, contact the education department at education@CanResearch.net

CAN! Education Topics:


ENROLLING NOW for the Winter 2017 Term, which begins Thursday, February 9th!! 

The Cannabis Horticultural Science Course provides overviews of core horticultural science topics as they relate to the production of Cannabis sp. for medicine and adult-use.  Experienced growers may learn the science behind their cultivation practices and improve upon their success.  Beginners can learn the scientific foundation to cannabis horticulture.  Job-seekers can add highly-valuable educational experience to their resume.  Businesses can utilize this course as part of their employee training and education program.  Students may earn a certificate upon completion of the course and a passing grade on final exam.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

“I have attended other lengthy courses on the cultivation of cannabis, but they all taught the old ways of cultivation.  Todd’s expertise and teaching in this field are exceptional.  I was able to apply what I learned in this class and make changes that have improved my whole system of cultivation.  Excellent class, and I recommend it highly!”
           - Deb Garner, OMMP Grower, December, 2016

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  • The Botany & Horticulture of Cannabis

A biological and horticultural study of the genus Cannabis spp..  Includes: plant origin, taxonomy, morphology, physiology, evolution, ethnobotany, cultural practices, nutritional requirements, growing environments, and more.

  • Cannabis Production for Regulated Markets

As regulation of cannabis industries become more widespread, the size & sophistication of production facilities grows as well.  Learn the state of the art of commercial cannabis production equipment, facilities, regulations, and operating procedures.

  • Hoophouse Design & Construction

Learn how to design & construct the structure and cultural environment of this outdoor-greenhouse hybrid.  Todd Dalotto's original style of Hoophouse Production minimizes the costs of energy, equipment, real estate, and pest control by utilizing the sun, soil, wind, and natural beneficial microbes & insects while acheiving high yields and connoisseur-quality flowers.

  • Hoophouse Production - Year at a Glance

Learn about exactly what to expect with the planning, design, and month-by-month operation of your hoophouse crop.

  • Soil Science for Cannabis Production

Learn how the structure, biology, and chemistry of soils and soil-less media are profoundly important to the health and productivity of cannabis

  • Cannabis Mold & Contaminants: Prevention, Detection & Remedy

An ounce of prevention leads to a pound of cure!

  • Cannabis Plant Propagation

Learn the science and practice of propagating cannabis plants sexually (by seed) and asexually (cloning).  Includes a hands-on workshop as well as instruction on propagation environments and reproduction biology.

  • Regulation of Cannabis Microbial Contaminants

Learn how microbial contaminants (mold, bacteria, etc.) found in cannabis products are detected and regulated.  Includes the science of lab testing microbial contaminants, pathology, and how Oregon and other states & countries regulate microbial contamination.

  • Cannabis Seed Biology

Improve your production, storage, assessment, and germination of cannabis seeds by learning the science of seed development, fertilization, dormancy, germination, and viability.

  • Cannabis Plant Growth & Development

Learn the science of growth processes, environmental factors on plant growth, life cycles, nature of development, photoperiodism, managing initiation requirements, yield component analysis, and monitoring the course of growth & development.

  • Cannabis Breeding & Genetics

Learn the history, science, and strategies of cannabis plant breeding as well as the genetics behind it.

  • Cannabis Horticultural Research & Breeding

Learn about the limits and opportunities to conduct horticultural research & breeding with Cannabis.  Includes regulations on cannabis research, research objectives, breeding strategies, and cannabis traits of interest.

  • Drip Irrigation for Cannabis Production

Drip irrigation is the most effective irrigation method for outdoor, hoophouse, and soil-less organic media in terms of water efficiency and plant utilization of water and nutrients.  Covers the science of water movement through the soil as well as the design, parts, installation & maintenance of a drip irrigation system.

  • Cannabis Plant Pathology

Learn the biology, identification, and mitigation of fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes that parasitise cannabis

  • Overview of the Technology of Plant Breeding and Hydridization of Cannabis Cultivars

Describing the genus Cannabis in the context of applying intellectual property to Cannabis cultivars.  Includes plant origin & evolution, taxonomy,  phytochemistry, breeding strategies, and propagation.Previously presented in a CLE Law Seminar.

  • Applying the Horticultural Science of Cannabis in Expert Witness Testimony

I share my 10+ years experience testifying as an expert witness on the horticultural science of cannabis in State & Federal Courts in criminal, civil, and appeals cases.  Includesdiscussion about the top reasons I'm called and cannabis evidence that's commonly mis-collected, mis-handled, and mis-interpreted.  Previously presented in the CLE Law Seminar, "Cannabis and Intellectual Property."

"Todd's class provided a wealth of knowledge around all aspects of cultivation with a valuable focus on local cultivars suited for the PacNW climate. The success of our outdoor season was largely attributed to the information gained in his class"
          - George Wolters, Owner Lux Analytics, August, 2016

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  • Dispensary Staff Training

Staff training on the regulations and best practices is critically imporant for responsible management of dispensary operations.


  • Intro to OMMA

An overview of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.  Adaptable for patients, health professionals and businesses

  • Advanced OMMA

Various important and timely topics of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, including: Legislative Update, OMMP Administrative Update, Patient-Caregiver-Grower Relationships, Cannabis Science, Know Your Rights and more.

  • Legislative History of OMMA

Learn the history of how the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act was born and its evolution to the law it is today.

  • Medicinal Cannabis for Seniors

An overview of the topics most relevant to seniors who may benefit from the use of medical marijuana.  Includes, medical use, legal coverage, how to register with the OMMP, how to grow, buy and share cannabis, assistance of caregivers& growers,  protections for health professionals, quality assurance, and smokeless delivery methods.


  • Smokeless Delivery Methods

Learn about vaporizers, edibles, extracts, and other smokeless cannabis delivery methods

  • Cooking with Cannabis

Compliment the nutritional properties of hempseed with the medicinal properties of marijuana.


  • Cannabis Hempseed: For Personal and Planetary Health

Explore the nutritional properties of hempseed and how hempseed agriculture and industry can contribute to global sustainability.

  • Hempseed Nutrition

An exploration into the nutritional value and health benefits of hempseed.

To arrange classes, presentations, courses, and consulting, contact the education department at education@CanResearch.net

“Todd is very personable with a wealth of knowledge in the cannabis industry.”
           - Jeremy Blomquist, Grower, December, 2016

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