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CAN! Education Course Reviews

Read what former students have to say about their experience taking our courses!

Cannabis Horticultural Science Course graduates

“I have notes and knowledge I will carry with me throughout my career in the industry and I have Todd to thank for that!”
          - Preston Davis, The Agrestic, Corvallis, Oregon, September 2017

“I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in understanding the science associated with the cannabis plant.  I have a greater appreciation for the plant and its potential now that this course is completed.”
          - Mike Will, Portland Growers, LLC, September, 2017

“I thought I knew a lot but didn’t realize there was so much more to learn!  This has already helped me in decision-making for my own grow.  Todd Makes Learning enjoyable!”

- Lin Ahearn, Owner Cannaglow, April, 2017

“This course has been extremely helpful and it is definitely worth the time and energy.  Take it!”
          - Phyllis Copeland, Owner Cannaglow, April 2017

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone intending to grow Cannabis.  The course goes into enough depth to provide a complete understanding of the requirements of each stage of the plant life cycle and how to provide them in a sustainable manner.  Todd’s knowledge of Cannabis is exceptional and he continues his education in his own garden.  His delivery of his knowledge is pleasant and easy to stay focused on.”
          - Phillip Gray, Operations Manager Buckweed Farms, April 2017

“Todd is extremely knowledgeable about genetic, soil, and plant biology.  He helped me tie my growing practices together for better plant health and helped to fill-in gaps of knowledge.  I now understand how the various effectors of plant growth interact with each other and how all the plant and environmental factors shape the growing environment.  Thanks, Todd!”
          - Brook Carhart, Owner Oregon Green Star Farms, April 2017

“I really enjoyed the class and felt it was very in-depth on a broad range of topics and would recommend it to a beginner or the most advanced student or gardener.”
          - Kim Trewhella, High Ridge Farms, December, 2016

“I have attended other lengthy courses on the cultivation of cannabis, but they all taught the old ways of cultivation.  Todd’s expertise and teaching in this field are exceptional.  I was able to apply what I learned in this class and make changes that have improved my whole system of cultivation.  Excellent class, and I recommend it highly!”
          - Deb Garner, OMMP Grower, December, 2016

“Overall, this was a very good course and I would recommend it to anybody that is considering growing cannabis or who has recently begun to grow cannabis.  I completed my first medical cannabis harvest while in this course.  I learned why certain practices worked and why others did not.  I’ve compiled a list of things to change or improve before my next grow.”
          - Michael Hopkins, owner, Natural by Design, December, 2016

“Todd is very personable with a wealth of knowledge in the cannabis industry.”
          - Jeremy Blomquist, Grower, December, 2016

Cannabis Hoophouse Production Course graduates

"Todd's class provided a wealth of knowledge around all aspects of cultivation with a valuable focus on local cultivars suited for the PacNW climate. The success of our outdoor season was largely attributed to the information gained in his class"
           - George Wolters, Owner Lux Analytics, August, 2016