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CAN! Education eBadges

eBadges are a free and open-source acheivement recognition and tracking system used to issue, organize, and share Open Badges.  We issue eBadges to students who complete any of our classes, courses, trainings, and other educational programs.  Generally, attendance, whether in-person, via live webinar, or on-demand video, is required to earn an e-badge for each class.  Courses & trainings generally require attendance, plus a passing grade on a final exam or quiz.  Check each event for specific requirements.

If you have met the requirements to earn an eBadge, submit your application HERE.  Once we verify you have met the criteria, we will issue your eBadge to you by email.

For more information about eBadges: Badger or OpenBadges

Check out all of our educational opportunities where you have an opportunity to earn an eBadge:

Classes & Courses  -  Internships